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How to build a powerful Linux gaming machine

I strongly believe that now it is the best time to switch from Windows to Linux gaming. Read this article to learn how easy it is to build a dedicated Linux computer that will run pretty much any game you will throw at it.

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How to run the best Windows-based games on Linux

So, you really miss those Windows games, huh? Wipe your tears, because there are several methods that allow you to run them on Linux as well! Read this article to discover Wine, an emulator which will make even the most stubborn Windows games run on Linux.

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Five tips that help you speed up any Linux computer

From a little known method that increases wifi range, making multiplayer games fun once again, to patched kernels, slimmer startup lists and lightweight applications, they're all gathered here, in this article.

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Freeing space on your Android smart phone

Just like you, I thought that 16 GB or 32 GB of phone storage space will be more than enough. Android is based on a modified, efficient Linux kernel, after all... Let's see what can be done to reclaim as much storage space as possible.

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Best Linux distros

What is the best Linux distribution out there? The best answer is... it depends for what you want to use it! Fortunately, this article takes several criteria into consideration, so it will hopefully help you find the best distro for your needs.

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A brief history of Linux

Find out who invented the Linux kernel, and get to play with its source code (only if you are a programmer, of course). Then, discover several key Linux landmarks that have changed the IT world forever.

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