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Cedega Technology

Cedega delivers a comprehensive solution for Windows-native game enablement on the Linux platform. The technology offers efficient cross-platform enablement that allows for the execution of Win32 code on Linux desktop systems, including enablement of Direct3D graphics calls to OpenGL or OpenGL ES equivalents. Using Cedega, game enthusiasts can play a wide variety of community-supported games on their Linux desktop. Cedega will be offered for the Linux desktop through the GameTree Developer Program starting in the first quarter of 2011.

GameTree Developer Program

The GameTree Developer Program allows both game enthusiasts and game developers to truly take advantage of the Linux desktop as a gaming platform. All the required tools, including Cedega, documentation, and technical support are provided free of charge, allowing games to be quickly and easily enjoyed on the Linux desktop. The GameTree Developer Program also contains a number of community features, allowing enrolled members to directly guide the development of Cedega Technology.

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Enroll in the GameTree Developer Program to play games on Linux desktop with Cedega Technology